Manage the management of housing cooperatives, members, shares and fees. Register transfer agreements and let the board get access to relevant reports and information through the portal. Members can also login through My pages.

BRF handles


Register mortgages in the system and get a compiled list with all mortgage listings and mortgagees for a specific condominium.


The system supports two different types of shares. One type of share that is the basis for the members fee to be paid, and a total accumulated share of the housing cooperative, if these were to differ.


Register all changes of owner for a specific condominium and get a clear overview of owners historically, heritage and purchase price. Ge a comprehensive understanding of who owns the condominium, partly or completely.

Broker documents

Easily export a comprehensive broker document after a condominium has been sold. Preview and export a PDF that can be sent to the responsible broker.


Obtain complete control information when a condominium has been sold and export it as an XML-file to send to the Swedish Tax Agency. It is also possible to export a PDF form.

List of apartments

In the BRF module, the board and property manager can get easily get an overview of a compiled apartment list that can also be exported to Excel.


Add and invite the board to the system for them to be able to handle matters related to the housing cooperative’s board. Let the board handle the communication towards members though the portal.

Rental invoicing

Create an automated rent invoicing process for the fees to be charged to members. Set a rent invoicing setting and let the system handle the distribution and potential reminders.

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